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  Spanish Enduro National (2nd & 3rd courses)  

Great Enduro champions as Juha Salminen (Finland, 125 cc WC winner with KTM) and Kari Tianinen (Finland, 6 times WC and 99 +500 4S  class winner with KTM) have choosen to compite into The Spanish Enduro Championship. After their  pre-season in Marbella wiht other Finnish guys they obtained permission from KTM to leave German Championship.

Good news for the Spanish enduro lovers and bad luck for the Spanish pro riders.

Tianien (left) and Salminen.




The XXX Enduro del Segre was held in Ponts (Lleida) and it's one of the most important enduro of Spain. (it's a FIM class two days Enduro) In 1998 a WC enduro celebrated there with great success.

There were about 300 riders compiting in all the four categories (Senior A, Senior B, Senior C and Junior (< 23). This is quite a lot since enduro is not a very popular sport. In the park there were only a few Husabergs and none in the senior A class since factory and local dealers sport plans this year are unclear. The factory teams there were KTM, Husqvarna and Gas Gas (with the never ready 400 four stroker).  The non pros bikes were mostly Gas Gas (2 stroke) and WR400 and KTMs in the 4 Strokes classes. 

# 63 & #62 two of the few Husabergs in El Segre.



KTM Spain factory team's rider:
 Joan Roma 
(who led the 2000 Dakar until
 his bike broke down).


Kari changing his tyres after 1st day (4s Leader)


Xevi Puigdemont (250 class winner) repairing
his GasGas EC 250. His brother broke down
with the EFI 400 4s Gas Gas. (as usual).

The guy on the right (working on the bike) is
Boni Geebelen. Gas Gas' Tech engineer. He
is 400 4 stroker's father 
(the spanish Gustavsson?)



Share your experiences as enduro, MX, Raids... rider or as mechanic, team manager, plain "aficionado"... in whatever local, national or international courses or trials around the globe. 

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