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Husaberg Related
Non Husaberg exclusive related links.
Sport Events


  Husaberg Related  
The Unofficial Husaberg Enthusiast's page! Get your fix here!

The best place to meet other Husaberg riders and to get expert technical advice. Chat, Reader's rides, Husaberg links... A must.


Husaberg Motor Ab 

The factory official web site: renewed design with plenty of javascripts and some new stuff like 2000 models' owners manual and brochure in the nice and handy acrobat reader format.

Acrobat Reader

  • 2000 models brochure (direct link) - big 8 MB file -
    Nice pictures and graphic design, they have produced good bikes and this year they hired some decent designers both for the bikes and the promo material. 

  • 2000 models owners manual (direct link) - 2 MB file -
    service intervals, wiring diagrams and specs. Useful if the original got lost or you have an older model. Wonder why is so difficult to make a decent manual? - There are also other languages versions.


Martin Lind

Personal web page of Husaberg enduro rider Martin Lind. (Sweeden). There's English version available. 

Frode Střrseth MC. Husaberg dealer in Norway

Links, pictures, mpegs, supermoto, X3M BikeShow Team



  Non Husaberg exclusive related links.  
Henke's World of Super Motard: 

Here You'll find super motard related galleries and links.


VOR Motori: 

The Husaberg saga will never end. This far relative come from Italy. After VOR (the money) and Vertemati bros (the ideas) divorced, VOR motori was born an now offers some MX and Enduro models based in the Husaberg engine. IMMO (In my modest opinion) the're ugly as hell.

VOR Enduro model
VOR Logotype


These guys were Husaberg tunners some time ago. They did a good work increasing power and reability in Husabergs. After the failed marriage with VOR they introduce their MX bike. (the site appears to be under construction).

Vertemati 2000 Mx model



Husaberg and WP suspenssion owners. They were broke just some years ago and were bought by a capital investor group. Althought Husabergs are made in Sweeden most of the important decissions are taken in Austria. The brand new EXC 520 (with some berg tech inside) is the new 4 Stroker Queen. Rumours say than now, when the work is done, Husaberg is a dead weight inside the Austrian holding. Anyways check his brochure and notice how similar it is compared to the Y2K Husabergs. (in adobe acrobat)


  Sport Events.   

Enduro WC. Ourense (Spain)  March 31 - April 01

After Tomar (Portugal) the Enduro WC moved to Ourense (Spain). After the hard time the Enduro guys suffered in Portugal and some "weird" results Salminen has showed up who is the real #1.

A nice web with plenty of information and pictures. But only in Spanish.


Enduro WC. Tomar (Portugal)  March 24 - 25

First 2001 Enduro WC event. Lot of rain, mud and a hard time for the Portuguese organization. 


Granada's ISDE 2000  

Past year International Six Days of Enduro was held in Granada (South of Spain). The Organization Committee proposed the dates from 31st. October to 5th November, 2000. This is the official website (they moved from ) . You can find all kind of information about this ISDE edition that was won by the Finish team (senior) and the Spanish Team (junior). For more detailed results click here

Date Hour Event Place
24-oct 09.00

Race secretariat openning

Sports Palace

25-oct 20.00

First Jury meeting

Sports Palace

26-oct 10.00

Starting of administrative inspections

Sports Palace

26-oct 10.00

Starting of technical inspections

Congress Palace

29-oct 18.00

Introduction ceremony and team parade

Sports Palace

30-oct 19.00

First participant symbolic start

Congress Palace

31-oct 08.00

First participant real start

Parque del Zaidin

5-nov .

Final Motocross


5-nov 18.00

Prize-giving ceremony

Sports Palace


Do you know any Husaberg link? Want to share your Berg, enduro, pictorial page, etc, etc?  with us?? . Send e-mail to: 

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