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  How to improve the berg...


How to add
a SenDEC meter
(hours of engine operation with a Tachometer):
Joe Schuster

"I mounted the meter on a piece of metal plumbers tape (soft iron strap,
approximately ).020" thick using Shoe Goop, (a material for repairing the soles of athletic shoes) and secured the tape under the the Scotts Damper, using the right hand side damper mounting screw.  I shimmed the left side of the damper with a shim washer out of the same material.

The tack uses an inductive pickup off of the spark plug lead (4 turns of wire
provided with the tach).  It measures up to 9000 rpm.  When the engine is off, the tack displays the total numbers of operation (not reset able).

Fig 1: "El Producto"


It works great.  Knowing how the engine sounds at various rpms is key to preventing over rev.  Once you become familiar with the sound of your bike at 6, 7, 8, and 9000 rpm, the meter just becomes a hours of operation meter to help you with major maintenance.

Fig 2: "El Producto" mounted. 
When first seen this picture I promise myself
never will ride on sand or I will need these
beauty on my handlebar. (Envyman)

SenDec Corporations web page is, the price was $39.50 US.

Send all your technical stuff and advice to this e-mail with clear instructions and if possible some pictures: 

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