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 Torque Values  2000 Models. ( Owner's manual ).

Part: Torque Notes
Intake manifols screws:  5 Nm  
Oil filter cover screws:  5 Nm  
Reed Valve screws:  5 Nm Apply a threadlock liquid
Valve Inspection cover screws:  5 Nm  
Waterpump cover:  5 Nm  
Startor screws:  8 Nm  
Crankcase screws: 10 Nm  
Cylinder head (M6) screws: 10 Nm  
Exhaust pipe screws: 10 Nm  
Gearshift lever screws: 10 Nm  
Kick start lever screw: 10 Nm Apply a threadlock liquid
Transmission cover screws: 10 Nm  
Valve cover screws: 10 Nm  
Oil drain plug: 12 Nm  
Spark plug: 12 Nm  
Valve adjustment lock nuts: 12 Nm  
Front fork triple clamp screws (M8): 15 Nm  
Upper timing sprockets screws:  25 Nm Apply a threadlock liquid
Cylinderstud nuts: 44 Nm  
Flywheel nut: 50 Nm Left-hand thread
Primary gear wheel nut: 80 Nm  
Swingarm shaft nuts: 125 Nm  
Standard torque values  
M4 6 Nm
M5 8 Nm
M6 10 Nm
M8 25 Nm
M10 40 Nm
M12 40 Nm
M16 125 Nm



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