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Crankcase vent   -  
(by Chris Gilman)

(This has been discussed before, but I felt the solutions lacked polish). If you crash and get your bike upside down, hot oil will run through your crankcase vent hose, into the frame, and into the carb. Now, your bike will not start without cleaning everything out - not fun! Solution - remove the crankcase vent line from the underside of the frame, cut off a small section and make an appropriate plug, I used a 1/2" copper pipe end cap. Resecure with reliable hose clamps. This seals off the frame/intake area from dirt and air leaks. Install a small K&N air filter in the hose, secure with clamps, and tie off to the radiator hose with tie wraps. Dirt cannot get into your crankcase, which now vents through the filter to the atmosphere, although it may now drool some oil during your next big crash. BUT, you can pick up your bike and easily start it, since the carb is not filled with motor oil!. See the photos. You can source the filter through Summit Racing, part number 62-1000


Crankcase vent 1


Crankcase vent (detailed view)


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