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  How to improve the berg...


Ignition Cooler  (by
Reese Crenshaw)

This mod was obtained from Dirt Rider Magazine and is used by Guy Cooper 
according to the article. I have a 94 600 FC (2 SEM ignitions previously 
died before this mod was implemented in the summer heat of Redding CA) ,& and a 98 FS 600, and have improved upon the technique. See the attached photos, in no certain order, as I explain how & what to do. The goal is to vent the head through a mini Uni Pleated Filter situated in the left side airbox (see photo), draft the ignition as much as possible into the airbox through the fitting that used to be used for the head vent, and provide a level of confidence that water & dirt will not enter the ignition cooling system/air box.

Look at the photos and you can see the basic set up. 1/2 inch heater hose, 
with a disconnect in the midde, is used to route cooling air to/from ignition 
cover. Also, although you can only see the tubing in the photo, there is an 
addition uni pleated filter installed inside the airbox as a last catch (in 
case an upstream leak past a filter or fitting develops) before the ignition 
cooling air gets to the carb. The inlet filter for the cooling system is 
simply a sock filter situated up in the frame as high as possible (see photo).

Fig 1: General view .


Take great care selecting a drill bit size and 90 degree fitting for the 
ignition cover vent. modification. Practice on a piece of plastic before 
drilling your cover. You want to drill the hole, then thread in the brass 
fittings into the plastic. Screw in just far enough, then use silicone to 
seal the threads inside & out. You will have to find some adapter hoses to 
connect up from the brass fitting to 1/2 heater hose. 


Fig 2: Detailed hoses view .

Fig 3: Detailed view (Plastics on board).

When connecting the tubing to the air box fitting, use a 1/2 " 90 degree 
plastic fitting just before the connection to avoid an excessive bend on the 
tube & help tuck it out of the way.


Fig 4: Valve head & air filter (I) .


Fig 5: Opposite view (detail) .

Drilling the plastic air box bottom and routing a tube with filter from the 
valve head into the left side air box is self exlanatory, as is the inlet 
tubing with filter for the cooling system. See photos.

As the last bit of insurance, select the appropriate size hose with a 
pre-bent 90 (old emission tubing from a street bike), adapt a mini uni or 
sock filter on one end, and stick other end into the hole inside the airbox 
used for the head vent (now ignition vent). Use silicone in the hole to hold 
the assembly in place if it's not as tight of fit as you'd like. See photo.

Fig 6: Silicone .


Fig 7: Air view showing radiator guards
another tech mod .

This mod works, and is the single reason I have decided to keep the Bergs. 
Let me know if there are any questions.

NOTE: I have another mod for aluminum radiator guards & cooling fan, and parallel AC/DC if anyone is interested. 


Send all your technical stuff and advice to this e-mail with clear instructions and if possible some pictures: 

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