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  How to improve the berg...


Tech Solution: Remarks
05/05/2000: Sigma speedometer  by: Freek Knool
05/11/2000: Oil Breather mod.  by: Freek Knool
05/12/2000: Valve Adjustment.  by: Husaberg manual
05/15/2000: Torque Values.  by: Husaberg manual (Y2K)
05/15/2000: Maintenance Schedule.  by: Husaberg manual (Y2K)
05/18/2000: Oil Breather mod.  by: Joseph Slaviero
06/03/2000: Ignition Cover  by: Editor
06/03/2000: Fast tire release   by: Editor
06/26/2000: Sendec meter (Hour & Rev' meter)   by: Joe Schuster
01/05/2001: Ignition Cooler  by: Reese Crenshaw
29/06/2001: Valve adjustment tool  by: Chris Gilman
29/06/2001: Crankcase vent  by: Chris Gilman
Next update?: How to make your own carbon fiber 
                    skid plate for less than 30 $
by: Oscar
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