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Ignition cover  (by

Earlier Husaberg models (1989-1996) usually suffered from excessive ignition heat. A problem that has also appeared in other 4 strokers The 1999 factory's Husqvarna (Anders Eriksson) also uses this solution (factory finish of course). This ignition cover mod was used by some racers in the Spanish Enduro Champ and probably by factory in the WEC.

Two holes have being done in this ignition cover. The first one in the  perpendicualr axis of the cover and the second one 45 counterclock. Then two aluminium tubes were attached into the holes and welded to them. (diameter is about 1.8 cms.) The two black hoses are standard water hoses that end in the upper part of the radiator (behind it)

Fig 1: Ignition cover detail showing the two hoses.


Fresh air coming from the hose (due to ignition wheel rotation) helps reducing the ignition temperature and thus ignition life and bike reliability are longer.


Fig 2: Hose upper part with the filter and valve.

IMPORTANT: To avoid dirt, water or anything coming into the hoses or in the ignition cover a small inox filter and a one-way valve have been installed.  

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