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Valve adjusting procedure  ( Owner's manual

VALVES: The clearances between the valve adjustment screws and the valve stems have to be checked after 2 hours of operation when the engine is brand new or any parts of the valves, valve seats or rockerarms have been changed. The interval between the checks of the clearences is afterwards every 10 hours (Motocross and Desert models) or 20 hours (all other models). 

Valve adjustment: Remove the fuel tank (see "FUEL & COOLING - FUEL"). Also remove the radiator (Owner's experience make it adviseable).

Put the engine in TDC position on compression stroke: Remove the ignition cover, install a dial indicator into the spark plug hole (Fig. 7K-1) and turn the flywheel (wrench No. 17), clockwise, in order to find the upper position of the piston. (Additional procedure place a long screwdriver inside the spark-plug hole if not dial indicator is avaliable).

Remove the two valve inspection covers (Fig. 7L-1, 2, allen key No. 4) including the gaskets. Check the clearances of the valves; 0.10 mm on both the intake valves as well as the exhaust valves. Adjust if necessary by releasing the lock nut (Fig. 7M-1, wrench No. 10) and then by adjusting the screw (Fig. 7M-2) into the adequate clearance. Refit in the reverse order of disassembly. Replace the gaskets of the inspection covers if necessary.

Fig 7 K

Fig. 7 L

Fig. 7 L

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